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The 55 Essentials

1) My birthday is May 5th (5/5), thus the 55 things about me.

2) I think that for every year on my birthday for the last 15 years or so, I’ve had Mexican food.

3) Not that I’m complaining, because Mexican food is my favorite ethnic variety.

4) I was born in Abilene 25 years ago, and I work out at the gym on the campus of the hospital I was born.

5) I was adopted through Christian Homes of Abilene, and have gotten the chance to work with them during my second stay here.

6) My mom and dad don’t look a thing like my sister, Juliana, and I.

7) Juliana was also adopted; she joined our family on my 9th birthday.

8) My family celebrates Jeremiah Day (the day I was adopted) on December 17 and Juliana Day (the day her adoption was finalized) on July 17.

9) Juliana was confused for my child on more than one occasion growing up.

10) I was incredibly unathletic as a child; I milked my baseball career for as long as I could, but never was really very good at anything I played (either because of chronic asthma or just lack of coordination).

11) Despite that, I’m a die-hard Texas Rangers fan.

12) And Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Texas Longhorn, Tottenham Hotspur and anything ACU sports related fan.

13) I wanted to be a sports broadcaster for the longest time.

14) That dream died when I realized that being a sports broadcaster meant that I’m be a member of the media, whom I’ve gradually learned to largely despise (on a systemic level anyway) over the years.

15) I also wanted to be a singer; I mean, I was in choir from 1st grade through my 2nd senior year of college, skipping only a year and a half.

16) The only solo concert (if you want to call it that) that I’ve done was for pregnant birthmothers through Christian Homes.

17) I’ve sung all four parts throughout different choir performances.

18) When I was a sophomore in high school, I got to sing with James Taylor.

10) I was in a group called Chamber Singers in high school; we performed madrigal music.

20) I have perfect pitch and can sight read almost anything; I learned to sight read from a combo of Chamber Singers and growing up in an acappella church.

21) I led worship for the first time when I was five years old; my dad let me sing with him, under the stipulation that I would stand on a yellow pages phonebook.

22) 20+ years later, I’m still leading worship.

23) I’ve been on staff at the Highland Church in Abilene since April 2004, leading worship and organizing the praise team ministry.

24) I briefly thought about going to Pepperdine and the University of Nebraska before settling in on ACU.

25) I was pledge president of the men’s social club (okay, fraternity) Pi Kappa my sophomore year. (We were the good guys, unlike other groups of Pi Kappa at places like SMU and Harding.)

26) I lasted a year in social clubs, quickly becoming discouraged by them.

27) Katie and I did start dating right after pledging was over my sophomore year (11/2003).

28) That means we’ve been together (dating/engaged/married) for over six years. Yay!

29) Katie and I dated for four and a half years before getting engaged.

30) I officially proposed the day before my birthday in 2007.

31) I also convinced my friend Seth to convince Katie to throw me a surprise birthday party that year, only it was secretly her engagement celebration.

32) I unofficially proposed like 7 months earlier over Chinese food (and without an engagement ring). The words “Let’s get married” (or some equivalent) essentially just came out of my mouth. And scared us. We didn’t talk about that again for awhile.

33) Katie and I got married June 28, 2008 in the Williams Performing Arts Center at ACU.

34) The WPAC held most of our music classes; I added music to my major my junior year and Katie was a music minor.

35) We co-founded the worship group “Come as You Are” my senior year.

36) For two years, we (Come as You Are) had a small group chapel in which we taught new music and worshiped with about 250 college students.

37) We were also featured several times at ACU’s Lectureship/Summit.

38) I co-taught for three freshman introductory classes in undergraduate; the students from one of those years called me “Dad”. And there’s a facebook group.

39) I got my undergraduate degree in Bible and vocal performance.

40) My graduate degree is a Masters in marriage and family therapy.

41) I learned how to make movies in graduate school, and made several movies of myself to avoid having to get up and give a presentation.

42) I quickly realized that my hatred of my own voice and the anxiety that overcomes me when being forced to listen to myself was far greater than giving a presentation in front of my friends, so I changed my method.

43) I am certified in office management for mental health organizations.

44) I am a systems therapist, which means that I incorporate everything from social and familial relationships to interaction patterns, into my work.

45) Katie got a crash course in marriage therapy lingo, because I would send all of my papers to Katie for her to proofread while she was in England.

46) Oh, by the way, Katie has her Masters from Oxford (Brookes), and I accompanied her for her interview in 2007 and visited her in 2008.

47) I am a postmodern systems therapist; my favorite models are narrative therapy and IFS. (Sometime I’ll explain those on the blog.)

48) I gave a professional presentation at our state conference last year on the sexual expectations of Christian newlyweds.

49) I have an idea for my dissertation, but I’m afraid to talk about it too overtly because a) it’s kinda dorky, and b) I don’t want anyone stealing my idea between now and 10 years from now when I decide to go to PhD school.

50) I want to be a music therapist when I grow up.

51) I’m currently taking up guitar and want to teach myself piano in the next few years to help me achieve #50.

52) Katie and I went to northern Spain (the region where we believe my birthmother is from) for my graduation present this summer.

53) My favorite uniquely Abilene thing is my small group that meets on Sunday night.

54) And Los Arcos, a wonderful Tex-Mex restaurant in town.

55) The best musical event I’ve ever been a part of was the U2 360 tour this October. I got to sing with Bono. Okay, there were like 100,000 others singing with me. But still, best musical event ever.

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  1. Judy permalink
    March 12, 2010 2:12 pm

    Way cool! I actually learned some new things about you. Mom

  2. March 13, 2010 9:36 pm

    I agree. Way cool. I learned a lot!

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