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Spring Break Week: Reunions

March 26, 2010

Katie and I mostly have the same circle of friends that we developed either through connections at Highland, Sing Song, and/or some of the music classes we took together. However, there are two significant events that we’ve experienced over the last four or five years that were uniquely ours: Oxford (for Katie) and the MFT program (for me). We’ve done the best to be include the other in these circles–for example, I am an honorary member of Katie’s 2004 Oxford group, and Katie’s been to plenty of MFT functions. But the personal stories and inside jokes are uniquely individual.

Several people of the MFT crowd (sadly, none of them were guys except me) joined me and Katie at Amanda’s wedding in Lubbock. To the left is me with Ruqayyah, who is currently doing her PhD at Louisiana-Monroe. Mindy and Rebekah were members of the house party as well. The five of us (with a few other friends) sat together at the reception and traded stories, made comments about the job market, and asked about deep topics in our lives. And laughed. And danced. I’ll get to see my former classmates at conferences and other professional venues, but it was great to be together in a relaxing way in Lubbock.

Joey (the one in the black tie) got married last Saturday in Austin. He was one of 40 or so of Katie’s Oxford crowd. There have been six or seven weddings, and each one consists of a Oxford group photo. (There’s one from our wedding too.) We went to lunch with Val (far left) and our new friend Annie Saturday afternoon and caught up about jobs and living in new cities.

Reunions are unique for several reasons. First, of course, you get to meet up with people you haven’t seen in years. In fact, Joey’s best man, Jim, was one of my best friends in junior high. I hadn’t seen him in 10 years, but we spent about 15 minutes catching up and discovering how our lives evolved. Jim is one of the most creative, hilarious people I’ve ever met, and he’s working as an artist with Disney; I was so excited to hear that he’s doing something he’s wanted to do for years.

Things change, and yet some things stay the same. No matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen each other, it seems like you automatically assume the same roles in the group that’s present. For example, Ruqayyah is often a bit shy until you get to know her, but once she feels comfortable with a group, she’s the life of a party. Witness two Saturdays ago, when she was cracking jokes and referring to the “good doctor”. (Inside joke.) I don’t know Katie’s Oxford crowd as much, but Bret, the outdoorsman of the group, entertained us with stories of hiking and wild adventures that none of us have the courage to attempt. Val is the social director of the group, and was updating us on the newest movies and party ideas. Perhaps these people are generally like that, but these traits become exponentially more apparent when they’re with their group.

What are some important groups of people that you have reunions with? What role do you take in those particular groups?

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