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Spring Break Week: Weddings

March 23, 2010

My experience going to weddings now that I’m married is completely different from my experience going to weddings when I was single.

For one thing, I have the most beautiful date anywhere I go šŸ™‚

But I also have a shared experience with the people that I’m celebrating with.

For example, Joey’s wedding was originally an outdoor shindig–it got moved into a living room in the Plantation in Austin. So I couldn’t see the bride, Samantha, enter. But I watched the anticipation in Joey’s gaze as he waited for his bride to enter. Joey’s eager smile reminded me of the mixture of nervousness and excitement I felt standing before everyone waiting to see my bride for the first time on June 28, 2008.

When I saw my friend Amanda walking down the aisle last Saturday, I flashed back to when I saw Katie for the first time. I remember Katie’s beautiful wedding dress and the way that her eyes sparkled and contrasting her eye makeup. I thought about Josh’s incredible piano performance and transition from How Beautiful to Canon in D. Seriously, when I heard him play it during the rehearsal, I almost started bawling in front of the dozens of people there–it was that beautiful.

I heard both preachers bless the couples through the voice of Mike, our preacher. Mike encouraged us to incorporate many of the displays of love that we had already been sharing throughout our dating relationship and celebrated with us, through 1 Corinthians 13, in that these displays would grow deeper and more profound. Mike was intentional about making the language of his sermon communal, encouraging us that many of the people who witnessed the wedding had gone triumphs and struggles that we had and will be facing. Joey and Samantha based their vows on the same Ruth passage that Katie and I centered our vows around as well.

Both weddings had moments of unexpected folly that interrupted months of preparation. Amanda’s brother did the wedding, and he forgot to do the part “Do you take promise to take her, love her, cherish her, etc.”. So after the ceremony, Ben and Amanda walked in, grabbed the mic, and did the vows themselves. It was so funny, yet so touching. I can’t imagine how frustrated Samantha’s parents must have been having to rearrange the environment of their wedding after a cold winter storm buzzed through Texas on Saturday; however, the wedding was closer and more intimate inside the house. I remembered some of the difficulties that Katie and I had getting the wedding together; they were serious issues for us at the time, but now, we can look back and smile at those moments, knowing that they didn’t interfere with the greater purpose of our wedding day.

As Katie and I danced during both of the wedding receptions this week, I heard Josh Groban’s “When You Say You Love Me” playing and envisioned us sharing our first married-person dance in the WPAC lobby.

Forgive the sentimentality of this post, but am I the only person that does this? To my married friends, when you’re at weddings of friends, what events trigger you to memories of your own wedding day?

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