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Spring Break Week: Leaving Abilene

March 22, 2010

Don’t freak out by the title. Katie and I aren’t permanently leaving Abilene.

Every now and then, we need to get away though. I have a feeling that we’ll be saying that any place that we live in the future.

The school schedule provided us with designated days off–for example, ACU was closed to faculty and students last week due to Spring Break. Katie’s a staff member, so Spring Break was not extended to her. I’m partially-employed, so the beginning of 2010 doesn’t count, but in the future, unless I go into teaching, I probably will never get an official Spring Break.

The joys of adulthood.

The last two weekends, though, we’ve taken the much needed chance to get away.

Last weekend, as I mentioned on the blog, we took a day trip to Lubbock to see my friend Amanda get married. Amanda was in MFT with me and started dating Ben, her now husband, about two years ago; Ben was a willing, brave participant in several of our therapist parties. I got to see a few of the people who spent two life-changing years with me in the MFT.

This weekend, we went to Austin for our friend Joey’s wedding. Joey studied abroad with Katie in spring 2004, and recently finished his law degree at UT. We stayed with our friends Craig and Laura, went to a few concerts at South by Southwest, and enjoyed the culture of Austin. (I had never had fish tacos until this weekend, for example.)

While Katie and I were processing our Spring Break voyaging last night, we talked about our need to be intentional about planning mini-vacations every six weeks or so. Traveling can be difficult because some vacations are not restful; some trips require unexpected emotional or physical efforts, whereas others are strictly professional. (We’re not there professionally, but I imagine we will be at some point.)

One of the unique things about our trip to Austin was that there weren’t any expectations or pressures on us. Katie and I could just relax and make ourselves at home with Craig and Laura (the concerts they took us to helped with relaxing and rejuvenating). Joey’s wedding gave us a chance to see some long lost friends (and meet new ones); telling my story to curious friends is a centering experience for me. I often realize that many people are undergoing similar stresses or joys in their own lives.

This week’s series consists of reflections from our Spring Break jaunts. But before that, I have two questions:

1) What makes a relaxing vacation for you?

2) Where are some of your favorite spots for miniature (two-three day) vacations?

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  1. March 23, 2010 8:55 am

    So sad. I was going to list all my mini-vacation spots, but then realized they are all in California, so they aren’t so mini anymore!!!

    What makes for restful vacations? Sleeping beyond 8. Lingering over really good local coffee. Time in the wild. Lots of laughing.

    Who did y’all get to see at SXSW?

  2. singingjeremiah permalink*
    March 23, 2010 10:23 am

    David–there’s an entire blog post dedicated to your last question coming later this week 🙂

    But briefly–Grace Pettis, John Pointer, Dave Madden, Molly Venter, Ginger Lee, and a couple of Danish bands.

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