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Sing Song: Seven Years Later: Part III

February 20, 2010

Thursday night, Katie and I were blown away by the 2010 Sing Song performance. I’ve either been a part of or attended Sing Song every year since I started at ACU in 2002, performing with the class of 2006, my social club (Pi Kappa), and as a Sing Song host. (For those non-ACUers who read my blog, check out Thursday’s post for a brief description of Sing Song.) This weekend, I’m dedicating my blog to Sing Song memories and photos.

One of the greatest honors that a singer can receive at ACU is being selected as Sing Song host/hostess. I made it in 2007 (my second senior year), and spent the first six weeks of the year working with seven wonderful people–Evan, Luke, Randy, Shaylee, and Shalesia (the hosts and hostesses) and Kendall and Vivi (the directors/voice coaches). We worked our butts off–most nights we started between 6 and 8 and rehearsed until 11 or midnight. Rehearsal was often a loose term; yes, there were nights that we sang and danced for four or five hours straight, especially closer to the show, but there were also nights that we stayed joked around and shared our stories.

These people and this opportunity changed my life, and I wanted to share some pictures from the event.

It all started with Life is a Highway, our opening number. (I listen back on our DVD and am reminded why country is not my thing.) Did I mention that there was dancing? Teri, our choreographer, created this pretty sophisticated dance (well, it was sophisticated for me); in fact, there were at least five or six nights when we practiced in her dance studio. I really think she felt sorry for at least me, maybe some of the others. Anyway, we got the job done and drove our little cars all around the stage, including up some stairs to a higher stage, which was always intimidating for me because I didn’t wear my glasses during performance, and couldn’t see.

The fellas sang Route 66–we created this little skit where we were “driving” around the stage with a map; in the instrumental interlude, Evan (left) took the map from Luke (middle) and turned it around. We had dialogue to go with the sketch (a line that sticks out was Evan telling Luke, “You’re incompetent,” in his hilarious emo teenager voice), but it got eliminated; still, pretty funny. My character was the little ADD kid with the camera, always trying to get the guys to look at whatever phantom object I was taking a picture of. Only in this picture, for whatever reason, I look incredibly zoned.

We were clowns for one number, performing the song “Be a Clown” with children from Abilene (in the background). This was one of the most fun songs to perform–we got to interact with the children, sing nonsensical words, and wear patchy clothes (I wish I would have kept that jacket) and red balls on our noses. Randy, Shaylee, and I had a lot of fun thinking of ridiculous poses to do throughout rehearsals–I think this one turned out to be one of the best.

The most memorable number we did I had nothing to do with; the girls sang Proud Mary by CCR, only we did the Tina Turner version. Between the meaning of the song and the hip-shaking, rolling-down-the-river choreography, it beats me how this song was ACU appropriate. But the girls had so much fun doing this song–I really feel like their personalities came out best while singing it. Shalesia (right) did her best Tina Turner impersonation and brought everyone (including the dance team) together at the end.

Our other “best group number” of our show was a rendition of “I Want Jesus to Walk with Me”, set to a step routine by Shades, ACU’s step squad. It’s such a simple tune, but I think this was our toughest number, largely because five of us had to learn to sing like we were black and match the soul that Shalesia brought at the end of the song. (More on that tonight.) We sang it acappella, and the stomping and clapping was our percussion. I felt like this was a number that we didn’t get right until the very final show, but once we did, there was a huge sense of accomplishment amongst us.

Our closing number was “Everything Changes” from the 80s artist Kathy Troccoli; we combined it with the chorus of “Life is a Highway” at the end. Yes, we got to drive our little cars one more time for good measure. It was such a neat experience to have our names called out during this song and to get to run on stage and wave at everyone. During the closing number, all of the other Sing Song participants run into Moody Coliseum screaming and clapping and dancing.

At the end of the show, winners are selected for best costumes/originality/vocals amongst the classes and clubs (which is why all of the students pile in to Moody during the last number). We close by singing “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”, with arms wrapped around shoulders; hearing 4000 voices come at you in stereo, as well as the voices of the five people you’ve been working with for months, is a chilling experience.

More thoughts and more pictures to come tonight. But I wanted to use this post to thank Luke, Evan, Randy, Shaylee, and Shalesia for joining me three years ago in this life-changing journey. And also a thanks to everyone else reading my blog for allowing me to reminisce 🙂

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  1. February 20, 2010 6:26 pm

    My daughter was one of those little munchkins dressed up like a clown. I will have to go back in my files I might have some pics from that show for you.

  2. Judy permalink
    February 22, 2010 6:47 pm

    You are my favorite Sing Song host ever!

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