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Sing Song, Seven Years Later: Part II

February 19, 2010

Last night, Katie and I were blown away by the 2010 Sing Song performance. I’ve either been a part of or attended Sing Song every year since I started at ACU in 2002, performing with the class of 2006, my social club (Pi Kappa), and as a Sing Song host. (For those non-ACUers who read my blog, check out Thursday’s post for a brief description of Sing Song.) This weekend, I’m dedicating my blog to Sing Song memories and photos.

I’ve put on more costumes because of Sing Song than my normal introverted personality would generally have allowed. Along with an ice cream man, which I mentioned last post, I’ve been one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men (and yes, there were green tights with that costume), a movie theater security guard (we started that act with a spoof of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”), a Jedi, a pirate, and a junior. (The performance our junior year was a bit lame–I joined and learned the act the week before the show.) And that’s not including everything I donned as a Sing Song host.

My favorite thing about the event of Sing Song is observing the collective creativity of ACU’s student body. Each set and costume are student designed; some of the sets can reach 15-20 feet and are always intricately designed, no matter the height. Acts have involved pyrotechnics, suspending performers, and fascinating costume changes. Costumes are home-assembled. Lyrics, stagings, and music are written by students; my department of influence generally involved arranging and/or teaching the music. And it’s not just one or two people producing every single aspect of their corresponding classes/clubs’ act; everyone works together and contributes. I’m not artistically inclined by any means, and I was part of several extended gatherings in which we created costumes and sets. The creativity gets displayed on stage by each performer adapting to their role–be they an action hero, a princess, or an ice cream man.

Here’s a taste of ACU’s creativity: this particular youtube clip is from Gamma Sigma Phi’s 2007, when I was a Sing Song host (more on that in future posts). Forgive the low-quality of youtube performances.

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