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Sing Song, Seven Years Later: Part I

February 19, 2010

Katie and I just got back from the Thursday edition of Sing Song at Abilene Christian. What an unbelievable show–congratulations to the hosts, hostesses, and all of the members that performed with their classes and clubs. As I sat in Moody Coliseum tonight, floods of memories returned from my time as a student and the impact that Sing Song had on me.

For the non-ACUers who read this blog, allow me to sum up Sing Song in a few sentences. There are two components to Sing Song. The first part consists of the classes and social clubs (frats and sororities) creating a musical number with spoofs of famous songs to unified choreography. The second part consists of six college students (hosts and hostesses) performing popular music with a professional sound crew, costuming, and all the other perks.

Who am I kidding–I don’t think that description scraped the surface of what Sing Song truly is. If you’re in Abilene this weekend (and why wouldn’t you be?) and want to see a unique performance that draws an entire student body together, drop by Moody Coliseum on ACU’s campus and catch the Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, or Saturday evening show.

This weekend, I wanted to write several blog posts that reflect on Sing Song’s influence on my life.

In the fall of 2002, I lived caddy corner to Jeff and Robert, guys that became two of my best friends throughout college–Robert so much that we were best men in each others’ weddings. Jeff was Mr. ACU from day 1; he co-directed the freshmen Sing Song act that year, and encouraged me and Robert to try out. I ended up helping Jeff and others with the selection process and musical direction, among other things.

We were ice cream men and women that year. Some of our lyrics included “Ice cream, ice cream man; I’ve got to be an ice cream man, spreading joy throughout the land” (sung to the chorus of Macho Man), “Flavors we love Baskin Robbins, freshman year has been a rocky road” (sung to the tune Ms. Robinson), and “All that sunshine on my cone, when it’s warm it melts away”. Clever, huh? And, as Katie is beautifully demonstrating in this picture, all words are enunciated with the classic Sing Song face.

Our act was actually really good–we like to claim that it’s the best freshman act ever. I mean, we did win that year. (Although I think I’m comfortable giving that claim to this year’s freshman class.) This picture shows some “choreography”. The choreographer was very particular about us having our arms in straight lines and turning our hands in certain directions–it’s surprisingly physically demanding, especially when you’re as uncoordinated as I am.

But the greatest thing about Sing Song is the way that it introduces and unites people. (The makeup that I’m unfortunately sporting in this picture, not so much.) I met some of my best friends in college through freshman Sing Song rehearsal and performances, including Robert and Jodi (now married–Jodi is the cow in this picture). Katie and I also started getting to know each other through Sing Song, although we started dating six months later. Surely any event with ridiculous lyrics, the makeup police, and sequins has extreme bonding potential. But seriously, a shy person like me wouldn’t have had the nerve to introduce myself to fellow classmates without the medium of Sing Song. People outside of the flock that I’m generally attracted became my friends–some remained acquaintances, others blossomed into something much deeper.

Much more tomorrow and Saturday about the influence of Sing Song. But one of the most significant impacts involved 100 18-year-olds in sherbet-colored vests singing with me about the greatness of ice cream seven years ago.

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  1. February 19, 2010 1:09 am

    Awwww! Sorry to miss it this year. I had a great experience doing Sing Song too, back in 1992 (!) I was a Thing 1 (or 2?) in the Big Purple’s Dr. Seuss show. So fun.

  2. February 19, 2010 1:57 am

    I’ll be there on Saturday afternoon – I’m sure the freshmen will be good, but not as good as we were!

  3. Sadder but wiser permalink
    January 21, 2014 3:33 pm

    Having been in the audience that year, I must put in a good word for the 1983 Freshman class performance (class of ’86). I never in all my years of Sing Song saw anything as amazing as seeing people recreate a Pac-man screen and make it move the entire time they were singing. Awesome performance by a group that won the class division every year it performed. WTG Les Hunter!

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